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Project and Construction Management

Project Management competences and tools applied to Projects execution allow to improve the confidence of the Customers and Owners to rely on the anticipated costs and schedule for the execution of the Project and in compliance with the required standard for Quality and Safety.

Project Management skills are those deployed by NET Engineering International SpA through a team of managers and engineers (Project Management Team) that are able to organize, coordinate, manage, plan and control the complexity of the “Project System” represented by the heterogeneous assembly of several companies that need to work together to “deliver” the project.

Customer’s organizations are not always tailored to house Project Management skills in order to directly manage the complexity and size of the recent “Project System”.

Customers are therefore prone to leave to the Contractors’ organizations hired to execute the portions of the project, most of the project management issues, with all the resulting consequences.

As a fact of the matter, this arrangement causes that a management that should be centralised and coordinated to achieve the principle objectives of the Customers, ends up to be delegated to the Contractors.

Such arrangement in most of the cases pushes the limited Customer organization beyond its limit and forces it to react to the sudden escalation of project problems not-managed or badly managed by the contractors (“Reactive management”), thus resulting in the need to identify urgent solutions to urgent problems with all the imaginable consequences in terms of cost impact and schedule impacts.

Hiring NET Engineering International SpA to provide Project Management Services brings beneficial results to the project either during the execution (safety/schedule/costs/responsibilities) and to the final product (quality of the final product in line with the specifications).

This type of approach fosters a pro-active management of the project (“Proactive Management”) since the management is given to an experienced team boasting a lager number of resources and with proven PM skills. This leave more time to the Customer’s structure to focus its attention to the important problem as opposed to the urgent one and to provide timely the strategic guidelines to the PMT acting on their behalf and with their guidance as far as business objectives.

1. Typical arrangement for Project Management Services

Two are the arrangements through which NET Engineering International SpA provides Project Management services-for-fee in the execution of medium/large Projects:

  • PMC (Project Management Consultancy)
  • PMS (Project Management Services)

PMC: It is the arrangement for which the Customer contracts the whole management of the Project to the NET Engineering International which in turn assemble a PMT to manage the project in line with the objectives set-out by the Customer/Owner..

PMS: It is the arrangement for which the Customer contracts few specific profiles from NET Engineering International SpA to integrate them in the PMT mainly composed by Customer’s personnel.

In both cases the expertise and competences of the personnel provided by the NET Engineering International SpA for the PMT are aligned to the business objectives set-out by the Customer and therefore focused in obtaining the business results expected by the Customer that in turns defines the strategies of execution of the Project.

Le typical competences NET Engineering International SpA provides through a PMT are the following:

  • Project management
  • Planning
  • Cost Control
  • Contract Management
  • Technical support (advisory, control and document control)
  • Procurement/expediting and inspection
  • Subcontracting
  • Quality assurance/Quality Control

2. Applications

The typical involvement of a NET Engineering International SpA when providing the Project Management services described above is in medium/large Project as of size and complexity.
A PMT involvement is recommendable since the first phases of the Project Development even though they are very often directly managed by the Customer organization with own-resources.
The need of NET Engineering International SpA PM services materializes more strongly in the subsequent project development phases and in particular:

  1. Tender preparation phase
  2. Tendering Process and Contract awards to Contractors,
  3. Engineering Phase by the awarded Contractors through the involvement of the PMT in the performance of technical advisory and consulting services and QC and project control (Schedule management, Cost Control and contract management) on behalf of the Customer.
  4. Execution Phase through the involvement of the PMT in the construction Supervision (technical and contract management) including the logistic coordination necessary for the work site.

However it is typically the Construction phase that where the more complex and urgent problems are to be faced and that requires NET Engineering International Skills to manage every-day problems coming out of:

  • Number of Contractors and Supplier working together and at the same time
  • Engineering and erection interfaces
  • Logistic Management of the crews (problem today more and more complex due to the origin of the worker’s crew as of nationality culture etc.).
  • Management of the Site infrastructure (accesses, traffic, canteen, camps, etc.), safety and security of the common services when provided by the Customer/Owner.
  • Claim Management against the Customer/Owner arising from changes (Contract Management)
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Control
  • Site Procurement and surplus management

The professional management of these problems by an experienced organization acting in coordination with the Customer as its representative improves the rate of success for the project and avoid to put it at risk.

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