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NET International is organized very efficiently with the Companies in the Group remaining independent and integrated with Group Policies.

Projects are executed by the companies in the group which are the reference point in their historical market. Moreover, as a group, the companies are enabled to execute larger projects given the joint size and increased range of capabilities.

This business model thus combines a structure distributed in the markets and territory with the power of a competent and reliable multinational engineering and consulting Group.

The “Matrix” Organisation of the Operations

NET Engineering International SpA design and consultancy activities are relying on through a “Matrix” organization, in which technical departments execute the projects while the technicians functionally report to the Project Manager.
This structure allows technical departments to execute several projects at the same time in an efficient fashion while facilitating cross-fertilization within departments.
This approach breeds future generations of managers with a consolidated experience bridging all phases of a project realisation from feasibility to construction supervision.

NET Engineering International SpA is proud to be one of the few “Pure-engineering” Companies utilising the “Matrix” organisational model for executing projects within its controlled companies.

Strict Manufacturer Independency

Independence is an important value for NET Engineering International SpA and as engineering and consultancy company with international operations, we take a great pride in preserving our neutrality from construction companies, suppliers and manufacturers. Our belief is that this neutrality is key in our continuous endeavour for excellence in the interest of our customers.


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