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NET Engineering International SpA is the answer to an evolving engineering panorama that challenges hierarchies, values and consolidated status-quo and necessitates thinking “out-of-the box”. It is a panorama that requires customers to decide whether to accept to only deal with “small domestic” engineering firms or to evolve towards Global Engineers firms able to balance proximity with competence, competitiveness with state-of-the-art tools, structured organization with financial strength.

NET Engineering International SpA aims to reinterpret the global competition which fragments projects in a global world of smalls, through the strength of its own cultural and professional roots that are proudly based on a close relationship with all of its Customers.

NET Engineering International SpA seeks, with its model, to enhance all the group’s domestic capabilities and strengths already well known to Customers, with the power of a competent and reliable multinational Engineering and Consulting Group.

NET Engineering International SpA is at the head of the largest independent, private, “pure engineering and consulting Italian Group” active in the infrastructures, the energy and the natural environment fields. The Group of Engineering and Consulting companies led by NET Engineering International SpA is formed by:

> NET Engineering SpA, fully owned, Italian Engineering and Consulting firm with more than 30 years of experience.

> Spiekermann AG consulting engineers, controlled company; a German group of Engineering and Consulting Firms with more than 40 years of experience.

> NET Engineering Ltd, fully owned, Bulgarian Engineering and Consulting Firm established in 2006 in Sofia (Bulgaria).


> Sistra 2000 Srl, an Italian company controlled through NET Engineering S.p.A., specialized in the integrated design of railway control, signalling, telecom and electrification systems

> LRTC GmbH, (Light Rail Transit Consultants) founded in 1985, a long-term merger of consulting enterprises which have been active for many years in the field of local public transport. It is 50% owned by Spiekermann AG



NET Engineering International SpA was estabilished in 2006 by its Chairman Giovanni Battista Furlan, who is also the founder of the italian subsidiary NET Engineering SpA in the early 70's

Within this context the Assicurazioni Generali Group has become a shareholder of NET Engineering International SpA since 2006, through a dedicated capital increase, thus demonstrating the interest in investing in the infrastructure sector and showing full support to NET Engineering International’s business model.



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